Product Liability Cases

Product Liability litigation is perhaps the most difficult and challenging lawsuit that we handle. For the last 43 years we have handled numerous cases that have settled for confidential amounts and have tried a number of cases. Two cases, one involving a hay baler and the other a commercial dust collector resulted in verdicts in our client’s favor in excess of a million dollars. Merck paid a 4.85 billion dollar settlement which compensated our client that was injured by taking Vioxx. We would like to tell you about some other settlements but we can’t because we were required to sign papers that do not allow us to talk about bad drugs and bad products.  I would be happy to explain to you the whys and the wherefores of confidentiality clauses required by powerful corporations that make defective products.

More recent cases have involved a neutraceutical-product that caused a totally disabling stroke as well as cases involving cancer causing body talc and cancer causing drugs taken for stomach acid such as Zantac.

These cases are expensive and time consuming. They are also high risk. In the last several years, it has become more difficult to accept these cases due to the high costs of experts and increased hostility to these cases from trial and appellate courts. We will still look at these cases if you think you have been injured by a defective product. If we decide to take your case, we will handle it on a contingency basis and will advance costs if you are unable. If you’ve been injured by a faulty product, we understand how angry you may be at the corporation that allowed this product to be marketed without safety devices or warnings that would have prevented the injuries.

That’s why we do our best to make sure that companies who release defective products are made to pay for their negligence within our abilities and resources. Experience has proven that without consumer attorneys holding corporations responsible for defective products, government regulation is less effective in ensuring safe products. Especially today – we have a “hands off” regulatory environment where manufacturers are writing the government regulations and standards, the consumer requires representation in court to have a chance for justice when facing this climate.