Citizens Stopping Fraud Against the Government

Since 2008, we have recovered over $50 million dollars for the government as the result of corporate fraud on the government. In 2008, we recovered 9.9 million dollars against Walgreens for overbilling of Medicaid and in April, 2011 we recovered 17.5 million dollars against CVS for overbilling Medicaid. CVS again paid $20 million dollars involving our claim of Medicaid Fraud in Texas in 2019. In that same year Walgreens paid out $50 million fraud damages in a related case to similar case that we had filed.

We brought these cases with individual citizens that were disgusted by their employers overcharging the government. Do you know that there is a fraud being committed against the government and no one is doing anything about it? The False Claims Act (sometimes referred to as Qui Tam) is an important apparatus that enables citizens to hold corporations accountable for their actions. If you are in this situation, it is critical that you contact an experienced government fraud attorney first before blowing the whistle to company management that may use your information to retaliate for your insubordination. You will have a target on your back.

I’ve partnered with other experienced government fraud attorneys at in order to take on companies and other organizations that commit fraud against the government and taxpayers. This type of fraud can be found in health care claims, government contract claims and other types of claims where companies are misrepresenting compliance with specifications, performance of work or over billing as examples. In the last years, we have looked at over 150 fraud cases and the list is growing almost daily.

Private attorney general statutes allow private citizens to sue crooked corporations that steal from taxpayers and that fire workers for objecting to fraudulent practices in unlawful charging of state or federal governments. Many times, workers suffer anxiety, and even physical symptoms when they become aware of fraud by their employer against the government.

At the present time, we have filed suits on behalf of the federal government and on behalf of states where there are state Qui tam laws. The cases are filed under seal and we work closely with the federal and state government to investigate and prosecute these frauds. If successful, the private citizen that is an original source of information of the fraud is entitled to a contingent share of the government’s recovery up to 25% or 30%. For every false claim there is also a penalty of $5,500 to $11,000 and up to double or triple damages. Private citizens are helping the government recovery billions of dollars that are being stolen each year by greedy corporations in this country. We are experienced in this area and will investigate these cases free of charge.

If this is something you are aware of and would like information or counsel, or you have been fired because you had the courage to do what was right, contact me or visit