Business Law and Business Organization

We are proud that we have represented many of Minnesota’s top privately owned companies. Our experience has allowed us to develop and maintain relationships with the finest lawyers for your particular issue.

For this reason, we have acted as chief legal advisor and general counsel for numerous successful companies. These services have been relationship based. If it isn’t good for the client, it isn’t good for us. If it isn’t good for us, it isn’t good for the client. We have organized these businesses from the get go and have inherited many looking for a high level of service.

We love to get in there and learn the business and become a partner in its success. We draft organizational documents, become involved in financing, contracts, policy manuals, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. We assist with intellectual property protection including associating with patent and trademark counsel.

We assist with employee termination and discipline issues. We handle competitive bidding disputes and construction and commercial claims of all types. We fight, negotiate and if necessary try cases. We offer big firm expertise with small firm service and prices. We can do this because we are lean, mean, smart and have developed relationships that ensure that we can deliver whatever service is needed at a fair price and on time service. We love working with entrepreneurial, competitive and creative people.