Below are just a few of the cases we have been working on:

* We are litigating a case involving the wrongful death of a mechanic who was killed when the car he was servicing fell off the lift. We represent the mechanic’s family who has sued the manufacturer of the lift claiming that the absence of safety devices caused the man’s death. Over the last 43 years we have successfully litigated for families many consumer, farm and workplace product liability accidents. Among the products we have successfully litigated are hay balers, drugs, combines, dust collectors, ladders, seatbelts, cranes, punch presses and many other products.

* We are litigating auto crash cases where our clients have suffered traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are devastating to the individual and involve many medical disciplines including neurologists, eye doctors, psychologists and life care planners.

* We regularly are asked to serve as litigation co-counsel for other law firms and consult with them on more complex cases.

* We recently confidentially settled a seven figure case where our client sustained a neurovascular injury from a seemingly safe consumer product. Over our career we have settled or successfully tried to a jury verdict eight (8) million dollar verdicts/settlements.

* If you or anyone you know has information about cheating the government, we know how to help and will protect you to the full extent of the law from repercussions from your employer. With the egregious reports in the last year of fraud by major companies on our government, we are uniquely established to bring cases on behalf of the government to expose the fraud. These are called False Claims Cases and we have settled four cases and are involved in several other currently active cases. If you have information regarding fraud on the government, you may be entitled to an award for bringing the case with our help.

* We are continuing to represent many close corporations and entrepreneurs doing their contract and development legal work, including a game changing and transformational financial services company that will truly serve the consumer and not the large product driven financial institutions.

* We are investigating a case involving serious burns to a woman from esthetician services.

* We are actively litigating semi-truck and large truck crashes resulting in brain injuries.