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2011 Cases

Below are just a few of the cases we have been working on:

* We are litigating a case involving a woman who sustained permanent disabilities from taking Advil when she developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome.  We are representing clients in other drugs and medical device cases that have caused injury or death, including DePuy hip implants and Zimmer Nex-Gen Knee implants

*If you or anyone you know has information about cheating the government, we know how to help and will protect you to the full extent of the law from repercussions from your employer. With the egregious reports in the last year of fraud by major companies on our government, we are uniquely established to bring cases on behalf of the government to expose the fraud.  In 2008, the United States and four states including Minnesota settled a case against Walgreens for Medicaid fraud for 9.9 million dollars.  Our team along with our whistleblower clients brought this case to the government for Medicaid fraud.  With our assistance the taxpayers recovered millions.  We are bringing False Claims cases throughout the country for Medicare, Medicaid and government entitlement program fraud. We have many cases in litigation. In April, 2011 our team recovered for the taxpayers 17.5 million dollars which was paid byy CVS pharmacy for Medicaid fraud.

*We are litigating several multi-million dollar commercial contract disputes.

*We are continuing to represent many close corporations and entrepreneurs doing there contract and development legal work, including a game changing and transformational financial services company that will truly serve the consumer and not the large product driven financial institutions.

*We are representing people injured in farm accidents with dangerous machinery.

*We are representing people injured by consumer products.

*We are representing people seriously injured in car and boating accidents.

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January 6th
  Bloomberg News (1/6, Fisk, Feeley, Voreacos) reports, “Johnson & Johnson will pay more than $1 billion to the US and most states to resolve a civil investigation into marketing of the antipsychotic Risperdal, according to people familiar ...
December 29th
    The AP (12/28) reported, “Texas has reached an $84 million settlement with Actavis Inc., the prescription drug maker convicted of inflating drug prices to the Medicaid program.” Prosecutors alleged that “Actavis inaccuratel...
December 28th
The lessons learned with the Amy Koch fiasco for the Republican Party is that you need to be careful of that righteous pony you are riding- it just might buck you. Why are we legislating these personal choices? Why are … Continue reading →