As human beings, business people are smart, energetic, motivated, well intentioned and – at times – thankless to the system of government that got them here to earn the fruits of their fair labor. I can’t tell you how many of my poor friends that became successful became “no new taxes” people (unless it helps me develop a new stadium or something), or so blinded by their own business interests that they would do away with the rights of average people to hire lawyer or have a case decided by a jury.

Do we really want to trust our lives to corporations or judges? Wasn’t there a good reason why the right to a trial by jury was part of our Federal Constitution? If we listen to the powerful in this country, we could do away with lawsuits, trust judges or corporations to do the right thing and trust our elected officials to represent us and act in the public interest. There is a reason why even the powerful should keep us trial lawyers in business. Even their lives and jobs could be in jeopardy if they act upon their conscience and it is unpopular.

We should never apologize in this country for doing the right thing. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu–we are all welcome here. It just might be your family, your faith, your sexual preference or your nationality that deserves to be protected by the rule of law. Trust our juries. Trust our judicial system that allows a jury of your peers to decide your fate.

Do wish wish to go the route of Guantanamo for our civil justice system?